Frequently Asked Questions about the Watertown Business Coalition (The WBC)

What is the Mission & Purpose of the WBC?

  • Mission: “Building Business Connections in the Watertown Community”
  • To give a platform for entrepreneurs, business professionals and stakeholders in the Watertown Community to connect
  • To provide a connection to resources and information to aid the local business community
  • To help our neighbors do more business & keep more of our dollars in our local economy


How does membership work?

  • The WBC has two levels of membership, one for businesses with 1 to 50 employees and one for 51 or more employees. Membership fees go to events and membership benefits.
  • To become part of our Coalition, click here.


Who is this group intended for?

  • Owners & Managers of Watertown-based businesses
  • Watertown residents who own a business (regardless of geography)
  • Watertown residents who are business professionals
  • Stakeholders in the Watertown business community


What kind of events does the WBC facilitate?

  • Our goal is to facilitate monthly events
  • Quarterly “Social Event”, which is generally after hours on a weekday
  • Monthly Coffee Connect or Lunch during months in between social events
  • We aim to also start facilitating educational/informational events later in 2021


Who helps to run the WBC?

  • Our Leadership Team is comprised of 12 local businesspeople who are responsible for the following activities
    • General Management & Progress of our Vision
    • Events
    • Social Media & Digital Communication
    • Community Outreach
    • Webmaster
  • Our Leadership Team is constantly evolving & we currently have needs for passionate talented volunteers with certain skill sets
  • Inquire at info@watertownbusinesscoalition.com


How can my business Sponsor or Host a Future event?

  • We are seeking Premier Level sponsors for our 2020 Events and Communications
  • WBC has some openings for Event Venues and Hosts
  • Inquire at info@watertownbusinesscoalition.com

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